How To Get Free Skins In Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has made cosmetics a big part of the game. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a third-person shooter. As in real life, people want their style to be noticed. This kind of creativity can’t be achieved without skins. Fortnite cosmetics is built on skins. There are pickaxes and gliders and emotes but skins are what your character will wear.

The cost of skins fortgag can be very high. One Legendary skin can cost upwards of PS16 / $20. These cosmetics are not for everyone. There are many ways to get skins for free. There are many ways to get Fortnite skins completely free.

Let’s look at all the ways you can get Fortnite skins for free.

1. Events

Fortnite’s Seasonal Events offer a great way to get free skins and cosmetics. Fortnite usually holds a special event on every holiday. Each holiday, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, has its own limited-time event. These events often offer the opportunity to take on unique challenges or the like, in return for seasonal cosmetics.

Players could, for example, enter the Winterfest Lodge during Winterfest 2019. For 14 days, players could open a new gift every day in the Winterfest Lodge. Gliders, pickaxes, as well as skins were all included in these presents. Participants received the Wooly Warrior and Lt. Evergreen skins completely free of charge. During this generous holiday event, the gift of giving was at full force.

You can still get these skins for a limited time by attending future Seasonal Events.

2 . Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime gives players the chance to get free skins every so often. You can claim free cosmetics in Fortnite by connecting your Amazon Prime account to Twitch. Fortnite players who have a Twitch Prime account were given free Havoc, Sub Commander and Trailblazer cosmetics. Amazon is used by almost everyone these days. To get all the cosmetics free with Amazon Prime, connect your Twitch or Fortnite account.

3 . Tournaments

Fortnite is a great way to get free skins by participating in online competitions. Fortnite hosts daily open tournaments that players can participate in to satisfy their competitive urges and possibly win prizes. These tournaments offer players early access to new skins, which is often a free reward.

Participation in these tournaments provided free access to Venom, Daredevil and Black Widow skins, as well as the opportunity to become a Ghost Rider, Galaxy Scout, or Venom. These skins were given to players who placed above a certain threshold in the standings.

These skins are sometimes available to anyone who isn’t a skilled player. The #FreeFortnite Cup gave away Tart Tycoon skins to winners. This Cup was not judged solely on placement or elimination. Points were earned by simply walking around the island, eating Apples, and earning points.

There have been events in the past that all players had done to get the fortnite skin generator. The final results were not relevant.

Fortnite Cups offer a great way to get cosmetics free of cost, regardless of your sweat level.

4 . Contests

Fortnite may occasionally hold open contests that are open to all members of the community. was the most well-known of these contests.The players were asked to take a video of themselves dancing and upload it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Facebook. The criteria for judging dances was creativity, originality, fun. The winner would get their dance made into an in-game emoticon. This is how Orange Justice’s emote was made into the game.There were also additional rewards. All submissions received free Funk Ops and Sparkle Specialist skins.

Although these contests are rare, they provide another chance for players to get in-game cosmetics free of charge. You never know, your simple dance video might earn you some skins. No-skin is no excuse. Fortnite gives you a variety of free ways to get skins. Fortnite offers free skins via Seasonal Events, Twitch Prime and online tournaments. Keep an eye out for future promotions and events — you might just walk away with your free skin.