How to make money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans allows members to subscribe to their favorite content creators through a membership platform. You can think of Twitter, but you won’t be able to see their content until you have paid their subscription fee. OnlyFans is a Patreon-like service, but it doesn’t have all the different subscription levels and tiers. It’s super easy to create new posts using your tablet or mobile phone. OnlyFans is also more interactive and personal than Snapchat or Patreon. It is possible to easily interact with your audience and build a personal connection.

OnlyFans makes it easy to connect with your fans and make it personal. This is one of the keys to making money with OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a social network where anyone can make online content and charge a monthly fee to their followers. It’s not for people who sell explicit or nude content.


You can create a variety of content in OnlyFans Hack, as you can see.

Add to your feed

You can post a text message to your Timeline, just as you would on Facebook.

Attach media

You can add one, several, or all of your photos to your post.

Record your voice

Audio can be added to your timeline.

Take a poll

You can also create polls for your followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Your post can be subject to a time limit

Your post can have an expiration date so it will be visible for a limited time.

Schedule posts

You can plan posts in advance.

Let’s suppose you have lots of content. You can schedule posts for the entire week on Sunday, for example.

Place your post behind a paywall

You can view Pay Per View (PPV), posts to your timeline if your account is a free subscription account.

If you are paying a subscription price, this ( very helpful) option will not be available in your account.

Live stream your fans

You can create a live stream on Instagram, and your followers will be notified.

Post stories

Stories can be posted on SnapChat and Insta, but they expire after 24hrs.

Get tips

Tips can be received on any timeline post and directly in the DM.

Send DMs

You can send individual messages, but you also have the option of mass messaging all your subscribers at once.

OnlyFans Making Money

Pay attention to your audience

You can pin a poll to the top of your feed asking for feedback on what content people would like to see.

If you are posting content that is deemed adult-oriented, here are some examples of options you can use in your poll:

  • Try on Bikini/Try on Videos
  • Underwear/bra
  • Videos of workouts
  • Cleavage shots
  • Foot photos

Add a comment saying, “Anything not on the list let me know/DM us”.

Develop personal relationships

Make your subscribers and fans feel special by getting to know them better.

You should make sure they feel special and have a connection with you. These people could help you pay your bills, so it is important to show them that you appreciate them.

DM and reply to DMs – Let them know that you care. Ask them about their day.

Engagement is key

For interaction and engagement, polls are a great tool.

It is simple to add a poll or question to a post. Just select the poll option while creating a new post.

You can also choose the length of the poll.

Good polls encourage engagement, even without the need for subscribers to comment.

UtilizeThe DMs

OnlyFans allows you to communicate with people privately or directly. This helps people feel more important.

This is a crucial and important step. If you don’t have many paid subscribers, you should seriously consider ‘working with the DMs.

Remember that if you DM someone, they may request content or tipping you.

It is possible to build relationships over time that will pay off if you invest in the right people.

Utilize mass messaging

OnlyFans’ mass messaging function is truly amazing.

When creating a new message, check “All Subscribers” to send a mass email.